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About Us

Huachuma Collective is a Peru-based nonprofit association which cares for the bio-cultural sustainability of the San Pedro Cactus. Our leadership is an alliance of curanderos, curanderas, Indigenous leaders, and Andean community members. Together, we empower communities to protect, conserve, and plant Huachuma and explore sustainable practices for growing and working with traditional medicine in Peru. Our projects support and revitalize cultural traditions in Andean and Coastal Peruvian communities.

Our organization was founded in 2020 to unite and provide a platform for the voices of traditional curanderos and curanderas in North and Central Peru. The collective convened to address growing concerns with Huachuma's conservation status and the loss of traditional medicinal knowledge in North Peru. The knowledge and practices of San Pedro were declared Cultural Heritage of Peru in November 2022, an important step towards recognizing the unique cultural world of this medicine and the skill of practitioners. Huachuma Collective takes this a step further by working at the community level to ensure the survival of Huachuma and the healing arts of North Peru.

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Our Mission

To promote the knowledge and traditional uses of the San Pedro cactus in the practices of Northern curanderismo and traditional medicine of the Andes, helping Andean communities to keep their intangible cultural heritage alive for future generations.


To build sustainability and reciprocity for Huachuma / San Pedro,  the medicine that is most central to these practices, which acts as a guardian of cultural memory for Andean and Coastal communities. 

Our Vision

To be a national entity that maximizes its resources and leadership to conserve and promote traditional knowledge related to medicinal plants and healing in Peru, providing opportunities for cultural connection in Andean communities living in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty.

To unify and share the messages of traditional medicine practitioners toward common goals of conserving and protecting Huachuma / San Pedro and cultural heritage.



Aims & Objectives

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Contact Us

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