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Aims & Objectives

Huachuma Collective was founded in 2020 to unite and provide a platform for the voices of traditional curanderos and curanderas in North and Central Peru. The collective convened to address growing concerns with Huachuma's conservation status and the loss of traditional medicinal knowledge in North Peru.


The knowledge and practices of San Pedro were declared Cultural Heritage of Peru in November 2022, an important step towards recognizing the unique cultural world of this medicine and the skill of practitioners. Huachuma Collective takes this a step further by working at the community level to ensure the survival of Huachuma and the healing arts of North Peru. 

Summary of our Aims & Objectives:

  1. Cultural

    • Preserve the knowledge, practice, and diversity of traditions around Huachuma

    • Promote the knowledge, practice, and diversity of traditions around Huachuma

    • Increase benefit-sharing and reciprocity toward Andean communities

    • Support traditional arts in North Peru

    • Advocate on behalf of Andean communities in legal and bureaucratic systems

    • Promote and aid the growth of culture-based tourism where desired

  2. Environmental

    • Protect and conserve Huachuma in its endemic habitats

    • Regenerate Huachuma populations

    • Maintain the current biological diversity of Huachuma

    • Create sustainable and reciprocal sources of Huachuma medicine

    • Understand and investigate the decline of Huachuma

  3. Health

    • Make traditional medicine more accessible in Andean communities

    • Preserve at-risk Andean health knowledge

    • Investigate the healing potential of Huachuma

  4. Educational

    • Educate Peruvian communities about Huachuma, its history, and traditions

    • Educate a global audience about Huachuma, its history, and traditions

    • Realize events and publications, alone and in collaboration with other institutions

Download the full aims and objectives of our association in Spanish (PDF):

Fines y Objetivos de la asociación "Colectivo Huachuma"


See how we are working towards these objectives through our ongoing projects.

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