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Huachuma Collective is led by an alliance of Peruvian community leaders, curanderos, and curanderas who work with the San Pedro cactus.


At our annual meeting, directors are chosen in council between all Regional Leads. Directors and Regional Leads plan and carry out biocultural conservation projects and events in their communities.

Staff provide administrative support for projects, carry out legal and bureaucratic requirements, care for the gardens, and lead our communications efforts.

Our advisory council is made up of distinguished curanderas, curanderos, academics, and key experts from Peru and the international community.

Board of Directors



Laurel Anne Sugden

Co-founder, Executive Director

Blue Skies

Pierre Gardiol

Caretaker, Chaclacayo headquarters

Blue Skies

Enrique Montero Mascaro

Head Lawyer

Blue Skies

Carolina Orlovac Del Río

Interim Treasurer

Advisory Council

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